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Disclaimer:  I am not an ornithologist, entomologist or zoologist  - Identification of birds, plants and animals is not conclusive

Catalina Mountains

I am NOT a PIG!! I'm a Collard Peccary better known as a Javelina!


Catalina Mountains and Prickly Stuff


Wouldn't you know the pot of gold is in the neighbor's yard!

Elephant Head - Santa Rita Mountains

I am Not a Pig! I usually travel at night with my whole family!!

Neighborhood Watch!

On Top of Things!

Going home and taking my Helicopter with ME!!

NOT A PIG either!!!

Coyote on Golf Course -

"For Pete's Sake! Just PLAY THRU!!!!!"





Penstemon eatonii

Common Name: Eaton's Penstemon, Eaton's

More Pink



Baileya multiradiata

Desert Marigold

More Yellow

Early Evening Visitor

Madera Canyon Deer

This canyon is about 18 miles from our home.

Santa Rita Mountains at Sunset - Winter

Santa Rita Mountains from Madera Canyon

Madera Canyon is about 10 degrees cooler in the summer.

Santa Rita Mts Mount Wrightson-9,456 Feet -2,882 Meters

Oak, Juniper and pine populate the canyon and the surounding peaks.

Florida Fire became much larger than this! This fire burned approx 30,000 acres - started by Lightning.

Florida Fire - Prn (Floor-REE-dah) Santa Rita Mtns - July 11, 2005 4th day.

View from our patio!


Mimosa dysocarpa - Velvet Pod Mimosa (Gatuno)

Green Desert

Early Morning - August 2005 - Motorcycle ride on the road to Whipple Observatory - Santa Rita Mountains

More Green Desert

Road to Whipple Obervatory - South of Elephant Head

Wynn Observatory on Kitt Peak

Wynn Observatory - Closer Look

Wynn Observatory Info

A Hazy View - Looking DOWN from Kitt Peak

One of our year-round house guests!

A cool drink after a long desert hunt! Desert Roadrunner! Member of the Cuckoo family.



See the family resemblance?

Roadrunners are quick enough to catch and eat rattlesnakes.

Roadrunners have been clocked at speeds up to 17 MPH

Find the BUCK!

Madera Canyon - Super Trail - 1/2/2006

Here he is!

Just wait a couple of seconds and you should see him!

Another Rainbow


04/10/2006 - Santa Rita Mountains

Gila Monster - Backyard Vistor

One of two poisonous lizards in the Southwest

Gila Monster Again

This creature was in our back yard on 06/14/06

Some mornings your Fiat Spider is in the driveway and then there are those mornings....

Chiricahua National Monument - 9/16/06

Motorcycle Ride - Early Saturday Morning

Chiricahua National Monument - 9/16/06

Chiricahua National Monument - 9/16/06

Chiricahua National Monument - 9/16/06

Faraway Ranch - Chiricahua National Monument - 9/16/06

Faraway Ranch - Chiricahua National Monument - 9/16/06

Praying Mantis - 09/23/06

Camouflage is very important for the praying mantis' survival. Because they have so many enemies such as birds, they must blend in with their habitat to avoid being eaten

Praying Mantis 09/23/2006

Mantids have a triangular-shaped head with a large compound eye on each side. Praying mantids are the only insect that turn from side to side in a full 180-degree angle. Their eyes are sensitive to the slightest movement up to 60 feet away. They have straight, leathery forewings and very powerful jaws used for devouring its prey.

Praying Mantis

In the bodies of some species of mantis, there is a hollow chamber. Recently it has been discovered that these hollow chambers provide the mantis with a means of detecting bats, one of their most feared predators.

Sunset from Madera Canyon

09/23/06 - You can still see the red tint of the fire retardant from the Florida Fire applied over 14 Months Ago

Cochise Head, Chiricahua National Monument

Cochise Head - Closer Look

Trogon - Madera Canyon Old Baldy Trail - 11/6/2006

The 'Elegant Trogon' is a fairly rare bird. Its song sounds like dogs barking in the distance. Its beautiful colors aren't splendid in this picture as this was an early morning encounter and the light was not good.

Lizard on Super Trail - Madera Canyon

What Colors!!

Mt Hopkins Observatory from Super Trail

Memorial on Josephine Saddle 11/6/2006

Doesn't appear to have been touched by the Florida Fire.

Florida Burn on Josephine Saddle

11/6/2006 - Hike

Green Valley from Super Trail at Madera Canyon

Backside of Mt Hopkins Observatory

Trail Sign at Josephine Saddle

Altitude - at Saddle = 7250 Feet - 5600 Feet at Parking Lot.

Trail length - Old Baldy - 2.2 Miles - steep

Super Trail - about 4 miles.


Wine Country!!!!


East of Tucson about 65 Miles or so.

The Community Centre ?

They actually make excellent wines!!

Quite a History!!

Elgin Winery

Fairbank Cemetery - 11/11/2006

Fairbank RR Station Ghost Town - about 1/4 mile from the center of the 'ghost' town.

Originally called Junction City, Kendall, then Fairbanks, it was officially named Fairbank on May 16, 1883. The name refers to N.K. Fairbank of Chicago, who helped finance the railroad

Fairbank Cemetery Grave

Fairbank is off of Hiway 82 about 10 miles from Tombstone.

The town, was built on an old Mexican land grant, the San Juan de las Boquillas y Nogales, which was bought by the Boquillas Land and Cattle Company in 1901. The company evicted all potential land owners, but continued to lease the mercantile building and a few residences well into the 1970's.


Fairbank Cemetery Grave from 1895

Fairbank is a "ghost town" located within the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area (NCA), along the San Pedro River. Its life as a town began with the construction of a railroad in 1881, and it soon became an important depot as well as the closest railroad stop to Tombstone, then one of the largest western cities (15,000 in 1882).




Ruby, Arizona - 'Ghost Town'


You don't want to drive there at night and maybe not during the day! Narrow Mountain Hiway. Don't go if heights and steep cliffs scare you! We are talking what looks like a thousand feet down. In the words of the Ruby Caretaker, "you go off the road and you can roll down hill for 5 or 6 hours before you stop!"

Ruby Buildings

One of two lakes at Rubby Arizona

'Sand" is actually tailings from the mine.

The caretaker says, "Hippies lived here during the 60's & 70's and tore up some of the buildings. About 300 of them squatted in Ruby."

Ruby Buildings

'Great Egret' - lunching at lake in Ruby

Shack at Ruby

Note the sign

Mine tunnels - Ruby, AZ

The ghost town of Ruby was a mining camp (originally the "Montana Camp") active from the 1870s until 1941.

Produced Lead, Zinc, Copper and some Gold and Silver.

Speaking of Egrets!

12/24/06 - Desert Hot Springs, CA - Winter Vistors

More Egrets at Desert Hot Springs

Christmas 2006

Flying Egret

Flying Egret

Perilous Landing

Stoic Egrets - Roosting

View from Whipple Observatory Jan 2007

Santa Rita Sunset

Snow in the Santa Rita Mountains on 12/29/06

Eagle Takeoff - Whidbey Island, WA

Eagle on Rock on Shore of Puget Sound

Heron In Flight - Puget Sound, Washington

Mukilteo Lighthouse

Mukilteo, Washington

Mukilteo<>Whidbey Island Ferry

The Cathlamet - Famous for ramming docks.

Whidbey Island Ferry

Although the distance is only about 3 miles, riding this ferry to Whidbey Island added about 45 minutes to the commute each way (to and from Seattle). We did this for almost 20 years. Taking a car onto the ferry could add as much as 3 hours.

August 21st Madera Canyon



This guy visited on August 18th, 2007


Back Yard - August 18th 2007

Hummingbird Moth

They love this plant - Mexican Bird of Paradise

Monsoon over Green Valley

Evening Rain and Thunderstorms are Common in the Summer and Fall. It can be raining in the front yard and sunny in the back.

Mt. St. Helens

From about 20,000 feet - August 25th 2007

Arivaca Creek Park

Sept 9, 2007

Arivaca Creek Park

One of the units of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. About 2 miles or so west of Arivaca.

Arivaca Creek Park

Scorpion in the driveway

September 11, 2007

Scorpion on 9/11

Madera Canyon 9/16/07

This Mama Bear had two cubs with her. We were on the Kent Spring Trail at about 10:30 AM when we saw one cub and then the rest. Prudence prevented us from maneuvering to get a shot of the cubs. They all looked VERY HEALTHY. Margaret said to them, "Remember! YOU EAT BERRIES!!!"

Kent Spring Trail Waterfall

Another Waterfall on Kent Spring Trail

Waterfall - Kent Spring Trail 9/16/07

Chiricahua National Monument

Buzzards - 9/23/07

Chircahua Faces

Echo Canyon Trail 9/23/07

Mist Rising

Open this picture and then click again to enlarge it. See the buzzards sunning themselves on top of the hoodoos? (Hint - scroll to the upper right-hand corner of the large photo.)



Echo Canyon Trail

About 3.8 Miles

Praying Mantis (Mantid)

Warming its body in the sunshine on the patio wall 10-07-2007 - It was 53 degrees.


Warming up 10/07/07

Praying Mantis


Mantis Tai-Chi

More Wildlife in AZ

You think you wake up frazzled?

Road Runner on the Wall

On the backyard wall during his daily rounds to get a drink.

Curious Road Runner

This is the same bird as the previous photo. Check out the eyelashes.

"Scrub Mexican Jay"

SE Az, NM and Western Texas

Madera Canyon 10/21/07

Madera Deer

More Madera Deer 10/21/07

See the Squirrel ?

Click to enlarge.

Full Moon 10/25/07

Dragonfly 11/3/07

Sunrise over Quartzite

Quartzite, Az 11/4/07

Vermilion Flycatcher

11/10/07 - Santa Rita Springs Pyrocephalus rubinus Order PASSERIFORMES - Family TYRANNIDAE - Subfamily Fluvicolinae

Vermilion Flycatcher


Vermilion Flycatcher

not cropped

Vermilion Flycatcher

Another Look - Raw

Downy Woodpecker

Believe this is a Downy Woodpecker. It was Photographed 11/10/07 - Santa Rita Springs, AZ

Dinner on the Anza Trail

Red Tailed Hawk 11/17/07

Taking Flight

Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinalis sinuatus)

Anza Trail 11/17/07


We call them Pyro's for short.

Pretty Common in the desert this time of year.


This shot is raw - has not been cropped.

More Red Tailed Hawk


Red Tailed Hawk

Vermilion Flycatcher


Vermilion Flycatcher


Power Generation

West of Palm Springs

Egret 11/23/07


Egret 11/23/07

Only one Egret at Desert Hot Springs so far this year.

Sunrise over Santa Rita Mountains


Bogg Springs - Madera Canyon


Bogg Springs 12/23/07

Santa Rita Snowfall


Arivaca Creek Park 12/25/07

Wilber-Cruce Ranch

Eva Antonia Wilber-Cruce lived in this now abandoned ranch house near the Arivaca Creek Trail. She wrote A Beautiful, Cruel Country about her life on the frontier.

At the age of 5, in 1909, the author could herd livestock, tame a bronco and brand a cow. . . . How fortunate that she gave us this flavorful memoir of that year, documenting a now vanished way of life on the territorial frontier.

—New York




Deer off Mustang Trail

This trail goes south from Arivaca Creek Park.

More Christmas Deer

Mustang Trail

Madera Canyon 1/5/2008

Cactus Wren 1/13/08


Click on the Hawk


Mt Hopkins Observatory

Taken with 200mm Lens

Mt Hopkins Observatory

Taken with 300mm lens

Old West View

Old West

View West from Mt Hopkins Road on 1/13/08

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